Listing Agent Good Practices

Good Practices for Listing Agents 

The success of a home’s sale begins with the preparation before it is on the market, and continues with close attention and organization throughout the sales process.

Success is not just about the sales price.

It is also about the smoothness and execution of the transaction for both the sellers and the buyers.

To initiate a smooth climate for the sales process, properly preparing the home on all levels before it goes on the market is essential.

We have outlined two crucial elements of preparing a home for sale, which are organizing the home’s paperwork items and refining the home to represent its actual value.

However, it's not only about this initial preparation.

Below is an outline of the good practices for agents selling a home in Summit and Park counties:

  • Prepare an accurate Current Market Analysis to advise on the selling price of the home.

  • Ensure the home is prepared and staged for achieving its actual value.

  • Recommend professionals for any repairs or servicing the home may need before the home is listed.

  • Ensure the critical documents for the home are prepared and organized before the home is listed.

  • Have an established marketing process and plan for the home.

  • Staying proactive and diligently focused on the home while it’s listed.

  • Communicate feedback from the showings to the sellers.

  • Be an experienced negotiator to assist the sellers when offers are made on the home.

  • After the home has gone under contract, staying closely on top of all deadlines and advising the sellers on matters arising during the sales process.

  • Ensure that all items for closing are organized and completed.

  • Perform any post-closing duties, if required.

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