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Selling Your Home - Getting Started

Simplify Your Home's Sale 

​The success of your home's sale is directly related to the extent of the preparation and organization before it's listed.

Even in a seller's market, a well-prepared home will sell faster and for money. It makes sense to do the upfront work; the payoff will be a smoother transaction and the sales price will reflect the home's true value.

We’ve created three invaluable guides for ensuring your home is ready for a smooth sales transaction.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

A powerful tool for achieving the true value of your home is to consider it from the viewpoint of its prospective buyers.

We’ve created a list of essential items to review for your home's preparation, even if the home is in pristine condition.

Link here to go to the "Preparing Your Home for Sale" page or download the PDF below.





Preparing the Home's Documents before Sale

Similar to staging your home, preparing your home’s essential documents and paperwork makes for a smoother transaction.


Preparing these in advance of listing the home eliminates the stress of completing them after the home has gone under contract. It’s also invaluable to have these ready for any questions before an offer is presented.

Link here to go to the Selling Paperwork page or download the home documents FAQ below.


Listing Agent Good Practices


The experience, focus, and enthusiasm of the listing agent are essential for obtaining your home's best price while creating a smooth transaction.

A good listing agent is on point throughout the sales process, starting before the home is listed on the MLS and throughout the sales transaction.

Enthusiasm drives the agent’s focus, and experience harmonizes the entire transaction.

Link here for the "Listing Agent Good Practices" page.

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