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Buying Your Home - Getting Started

Buying a Home in Summit and Park Counties

We often find ourselves discussing the same topics regarding buying a home up here and thought it would be helpful to share the topics with you. 

Please contact us for additional information on these topics or any other home buying questions you may have.


If a buyer is financing the home, being prequalified is critical for a smooth purchase transaction – even if the buyer feels they’re well qualified.

We’ve learned there can be some confusion about what being prequalified entails.

We cover what’s required of you to become prequalified (not a lot) and a quick start guide to the actual loan process up here.

Link here to go to the prequalification page, or download the prequalification FAQ below.





Buying a Home for Short-Term Rentals

Second-home owners in Summit County often rent their homes as short-term rentals.

If this is your plan, having a broad outline of the considerations for short-term rentals will help confirm your success with the property.

The buying considerations will include location, layout, and regulations, along with other factors.

Link here to go to the short-term rental page or download the short-term rental FAQ below.




Agency Relationships

There are two types of Real Estate Agent relationships for real estate buyers in Colorado. An agent will be working for you either as a “Transaction Broker” or a “Buyer’s Agent”.

We outlined both relationships so you're confident of the difference.


Link here to go to the agent relationships page or download the agency relationship FAQ.

Finding Your Ideal Home

While there are many options for homes up here, there are only a few homes configured to meet your unique needs and wants.

To quickly find the homes that will work best for you, we created a questionnaire covering your ideal home's essential attributes.

The questionnaire saves a huge amount of time for everyone and allows for a much tighter and focused home buying process.

You can link to the home questionnaire page here.

For more information on these topics, or questions about the area or available homes, please contact us.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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